Spread kindness this winter

For refugees and displaced families forced to flee their homes, this winter threatens to be harsher than ever.

They will have to face winter struggling to keep their families warm in tents or improvised shelters, while also facing the continued threat of COVID-19.

We need to act now, before it’s too late. Your donation can help keep refugees and displaced families safe and warm this winter.


Help Now

US$ 1000

could provide a household solar panel to heat the shelter of displaced Afghan families living in temporary accommodation

US$ 325

could provide winter cash assistance for Syrian refugees, as well as for refugees and asylum seekers of other nationalities, allowing them to buy much-needed winter supplies for their family

US$ 70

could provide winter cash assistance for a refugee living in a camp in Jordan, to help them buy much-needed winter supplies such as clothing and medicine

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A DAFI scholarship from UNHCR allows Kobra Yusufy, 27, returned refugee, to study software engineering at Kabul University and pursue her dream of teaching.