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Education is a basic human right that should be accessible to all, regardless of circumstance.

A UNHCR funded school was recently inaugurated in Zarch, Yazd Province that will welcome students for the new academic year. The school offers refugee and Iranian students an opportunity to focus on building their skills and shaping their futures.

Bardsir refugee settlement in Kerman is the only settlement in Iran equipped with a wastewater treatment plant.

The infrastructure broke down five years ago and led to the disposal of sewage in the nearby fields causing serious environmental and hygiene concerns. Read more

Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2023

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in partnership with UNIQLO, invite you to a global design contest in support of refugees. Your best designs on the theme “hope away from home” will be turned into t-shirts and sold globally to raise funds for refugees. Submission link

Global Trends show the number of forcibly displaced people is steadily increasing.

2021 ➡️ 89.3 million

2022 ➡️ 108.4 million

May 2023 ➡️ 110+ million

What does UNHCR’s #GlobalTrends report tell us?

Too many people #ForcedToFlee.
Too many lives torn apart.

For Sultan Zoori, an Afghan refugee in Iran, having health insurance proved to be a lifesaver.

Iran is one of the few countries in the world that allows refugees to have health insurance, the same as nationals, through the Universal Public Health Insurance scheme. Health insurance aims to provide the most vulnerable refugees with desperately needed access to medical care, including surgeries, dialysis, radiology, laboratory tests and much more at subsidized cost.

Afghanistan Emergency

Millions of people in Afghanistan are experiencing misery and hunger amid decades of conflict, the collapse of the country’s economy, years of drought, and freezing wintertime temperatures.

Afghanistan, which has endured repeated humanitarian crises, faces its darkest time.

UNHCR and its partners have launched joint response plans to deliver vital humanitarian relief. There are 24 million people inside Afghanistan and 5.7 million Afghans and host communities in five neighbouring countries who need support.

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24 million

people in Afghanistan in need of vital humanitarian relief


people newly displaced within Afghanistan in 2021 (OCHA)

3.5 million

people internally displaced by conflict in Afghanistan by 31 December 2021

5.7 million

Afghans and host communities in five neighbouring countries in need of support

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