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UN agencies in Iran are providing support in a countrywide immunization campaign for refugees and asylum-seekers in Iran.

UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO are supporting the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs in facilitating a countrywide immunization campaign for refugees and asylum seekers in Iran. (read more)

UNHCR relief convoy has arrived in Khoy.

The earthquake in Khoy left many in distress amid harsh weather conditions. UNHCR immediately dispatched relief items to the affected villages. Iran has been a leading refugee-hosting country for over 4 decades. In difficult times we stand in solidarity with the people of Iran.

Republic of Bulgaria’s first contribution to UNHCR programmes in Iran

UNHCR expresses its appreciation to Bulgaria for their first contribution to UNHCR programmes in the areas of education and health for Afghan refugees in Iran. With this contribution, refugee children can benefit from Iran’s inclusive education policies at the same level as Iranian children. (read more)

UNHCR in Iran works with local partners to support and improve health services for Afghan and Iraqi refugees and Iranian communities hosting them.

This year, we provided essential medical equipment and supplies to selected health facilities countrywide. UNHCR also contributed to the construction and rehabilitation of six health centers in refugee hosting districts and provinces. (read more)

For Sultan Zoori, an Afghan refugee in Iran, having health insurance proved to be a lifesaver.

Iran is one of the few countries in the world that allows refugees to have health insurance, the same as nationals, through the Universal Public Health Insurance scheme. Health insurance aims to provide the most vulnerable refugees with desperately needed access to medical care, including surgeries, dialysis, radiology, laboratory tests and much more at subsidized cost.

UNHCR with the support of local authorities distributed hygiene kits to refugees in Torbat-e-Jam refugee settlement and Fariman.

The personal hygiene kit is a useful collection of personal care items for the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and keeping the surroundings clean. The distributed items include sanitary pads, hand sanitizers, soap and detergent, masks, and gloves.

Afghanistan Emergency

Millions of people in Afghanistan are experiencing misery and hunger amid decades of conflict, the collapse of the country’s economy, years of drought, and freezing wintertime temperatures.

Afghanistan, which has endured repeated humanitarian crises, faces its darkest time.

UNHCR and its partners have launched joint response plans to deliver vital humanitarian relief. There are 24 million people inside Afghanistan and 5.7 million Afghans and host communities in five neighbouring countries who need support.

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24 million

people in Afghanistan in need of vital humanitarian relief


people newly displaced within Afghanistan in 2021 (OCHA)

3.5 million

people internally displaced by conflict in Afghanistan by 31 December 2021

5.7 million

Afghans and host communities in five neighbouring countries in need of support

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