UNHCR Ukraine latest reports:

Reports and Assessments

UNHCR Programme summary 2024

UNHCR Ukraine Situation Appeal 2024

UNHCR Ukraine Programme Summary & Appeal 2023

UNHCR Ukraine Situation Supplementary Appeal 2023

Ukraine: Humanitarian Response Plan 2023 – February 2023

Ukraine: Humanitarian Needs and Response Plan – January 2024

Lives on hold: Intentions and Perspectives of Refugees, Refugee Returnees and IDPs from Ukraine #5 Summary Findings

Lives on Hold: Intentions and Perspectives of Refugees and IDPs from Ukraine #4

UNHCR Ukraine 2022 Participatory Assessment Report – November 2022

Assistance Delivered by UNHCR One Year into the War as of 24 February 2023

Global Trends Report 2022

Border Monitoring

UNHCR Ukraine Border Monitoring: International Border Crossing Points (Borders between Ukraine, the EU and Moldova) – December 2023

UNHCR Ukraine Border Monitoring: Krasnopilia Transit Center, Sumska Oblast  – September 2023

2022 statistics of the State Migration Service of Ukraine on irregular migration – March 2023

2023 statistics of the State Migration Service of Ukraine on irregular migration – March 2024

Durable Solutions

IDP and Community-led Groups supported by UNHCR in Zakarpatska and Ivano-Frankivska Oblasts – February 2023

Supporting an Area-Based Approach to Durable Solutions in Ukraine – June 2023

Launch of a new platform ‘Ukraine is Home’ to facilitate housing solutions – January 2023

Other Resources:

UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

1951 Refugee Convention

The Global Compact on Refugees, UNHCR’s Quick Guide

UN Secretary-General’s Action Agenda on Internal Displacement

UNHCR Brochure “25 years in Ukraine”

  • This is a brochure pegged to three interrelated jubilees related to the UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR, particularly the quarter of a century it has been active in Ukraine. In December 2020, UNHCR marked the 25th anniversary of the formal opening of its office in Ukraine. And this jubilee coincided with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on 14 December 1950, and the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations in 1945. The brochure employs a chronological narrative, adding thematic boxes, photos and infographics.


For the latest information and data on the Ukraine Refugee situation visit the Operational Data Portal.

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