Facilitate refugees’ access to higher education and research, promote social integration and active participation in academic life.



Education cannot be taken for granted

Schools and universities offer an important opportunity for young people fleeing violence and persecution, representing a fundamental step along their path of personal and professional fulfillment and social inclusion. Only 5% of refugees, according to UNHCR estimates, have access to higher education compared to an average of 38% globally.

By 2030, UNHCR aims to achieve an enrollment rate of 15% in higher education programmes for refugees in host countries and third countries, including through the expansion of complementary pathways such as UNICORE, while taking into account the specific needs and legitimate aspirations of refugees to build their future in dignity.


Schools and universities offer an important opportunity for young refugees, representing a fundamental step in their path of social inclusion.

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How to endorse the Manifesto

Universities interested in the Manifesto on an Inclusive University can endorse it with a resolution of the Academic Senate and / or the Board of Directors, to be attached to the following form with the designation of at least one focal point in the University and a link to the official University web page dedicated to related initiatives. Adherence to the Manifesto of an Inclusive University will be subject to a due diligence review by UNHCR.

Manifesto on an Inclusive University

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