About Us

UNHCR’s activities in the Northern Europe region are overseen by the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe. Our office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.  In addition, the Representation has a UNHCR Liaison Office in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The main roles of the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe are to:

  • support governments in their implementation of European and international legal instruments related to asylum and statelessness,
  • monitor that asylum-seekers have access to countries in the region and are able to apply for protection,
  • support the national asylum authorities to develop fair, efficient, and high quality asylum procedures,
  • advise governments, partners, and stakeholders on ways in which refugees can be helped to integrate into countries in the region,
  • advocate for governments to find a solution to the situation of stateless persons within their borders,
  • ensure that all persons of concern to UNHCR enjoy access to rights, by taking into account age, gender, and diversity, and for governments, partners, and stakeholders in the region to encourage and facilitate the active participation of persons of concern,
  • raise awareness of the plight of the millions of refugees around the world and to place refugee and asylum issues on the agenda,
  • mobilize financial and other support for the work of UNHCR worldwide.

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