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Iceland as a Donor

Icelandic contributions to UNHCR

Iceland is a reliable donor and partner to UNHCR. In 2021, Iceland increased its funding to UNHCR with a contribution of approximately USD 1.9 million. This made Iceland our 10th biggest donor per capita. 

Key facts about Iceland as a donor:

  • In 2021, the majority of Iceland’s contribution to UNHCR was unearmarked (USD 500,000) or softly earmarked (USD 1 million). 
  • Iceland also provided support for UNHCR’s coronavirus emergency response, and for the Sahel situation. 
  • Iceland has also provided consistent support for UNHCR efforts in Syria.

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Two events on statelessness organized in Iceland

Two events on statelessness organized in Iceland

Together with the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration, UNHCR organized an open seminar, highlighting Iceland’s accession to the Statelessness Conventions and the progress of the #IBelong-campaign, as well as a technical workshop for legal practitioners.