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Finland as a Donor

Finnish Contributions to UNHCR 

Finland is an important and reliable donor to UNHCR. In 2021, it was UNHCR’s 15th biggest government donor and 13th biggest donor per capita. Finland annually gives a large unearmarked contribution to UNHCR. 

Key facts about Finland as a donor:

  • In 2021, Finnish funding supported several situations to which UNHCR is responding, including the Syria situation, the Afghanistan situation, the coronavirus situation. 
  • In 2021, Finland provided UNHCR with USD 26.6 million, of which USD 8.4 million was unearmarked. 
  • Finland has a thematic funding focus on strengthening support to vulnerable groups in displacement situations, including persons with disabilities and specific needs, who are often rendered invisible in uprooted communities.
  • During the Global Refugee Forum, Finland pledged to raise its level of humanitarian funding.

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Finnish funding allows UNHCR to provide support

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