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Latvian Government

Latvian unearmarked funds save refugees worldwide

Contributions to UNHCR

Latvia has been donating to UNHCR on a regular basis since 2012. Between 2013 and 2015, Latvia annually contributed an important unearmarked donation of EUR 15,000. In 2016, Latvia earmarked its entire funding to UNHCR’s large-scale humanitarian operations in the Middle East, to strengthen the overall response to the needs erupting from the Syria emergency. In 2015, Latvia granted a total of EUR 115,000 to UNHCR of which EUR 100,000 were allocated to the Ukraine situation and the Syria emergency. In 2014, Latvia nearly doubled its support to UNHCR and funded operations addressing the devastating impact of the outbreak of violence in Iraq and people affected by the conflict inside Ukraine.

Latest news

Denmark funds protracted refugee crises in Africa at risk of being forgotten

UNHCR’s annual meeting of its executive committee, bringing together 140 states, came to a close Friday 9 October. Much attention was focused on the Afghan situation, and the world’s largest humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria leading to refugees arriving in the thousands in Europe. However, the High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, also urged donor countries not to forget the needs of the millions of people displaced from protracted crises creating refugee emergencies in several regions of Africa.

Donor Government Counterparts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is UNHCR´s Government counterpart on matters related to strategic cooperation and funding

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