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The latest news and stories from UNHCR in Northern Europe

”The profit largely outweighs the resources spent”

Roskilde Municipality has successfully teamed up with a Danish company to employ refugees. They receive language classes at the job, and the municipality has posted employees to assist with minor ongoing challenges.

UNHCR calls for the EU relocation scheme to continue

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has urged EU Member States to promptly relocate all asylum-seekers eligible under the EU’s emergency relocation scheme and for it to continue beyond the two years originally planned.

Volunteers give refugees a taste of life in Lithuania

Aktyvus jaunimas (Active Youth), a youth group based in Vilnius, is trying to give newly arrived refugees a taste of their new home at the reception centre in Rukla, near Kaunas, Lithuania‘s second largest city.

Health, distraction and integration – the story of how Sayed ran a marathon

For asylum-seekers waiting to have their application processed, time can go by very slowly. One solution is to start running – far. Sayed from Afghanistan has become a regular sight as he runs along the town roads on Sweden’s High Coast – and now he has completed a marathon in solidarity with the world’s refugees.