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The latest news and stories from UNHCR in Northern Europe

Latvian aid worker helps refugees in Iraq

Liene Veide, a Latvian national currently working for UNHCR as a Public Information and External Relations Officer in Dohuk, Iraq, joined the United Nations in 2010.

Norway contributes with NOK 150 million to the refugee situation in Syria and the region

UNHCR thanks the Norwegian Government for their vital contribution of NOK 150 million (USD 18.3 million) to UNHCR’s Emergency and Reslience Response Operations in Syria and the region. In addition, UNHCR is grateful for the government’s pledge of NOK 40 million (USD 5.1 million) to protecting Eritrean and Syrian refugees from smuggling and trafficking across the Mediterranean.

Peteris’s dangerous journey: saving 2,000 lives in WWII

A woodpecker is working hard on one of the trees surrounding Peteris Jansons’s house on Gotland, Sweden’s largest island. Spring seems to have finally reached Scandinavia and Peteris, 92 years old and his wife Inga, 89, are preparing to celebrate their seventieth wedding anniversary in April. They met on this very island in 1943, when Peteris arrived by boat after fleeing from Latvia so as not to have to serve as a soldier in the German army, which at that time had occupied his country.

A Syrian refugee in Latvia: Bashar builds a new life in Riga

Bashar Yousef was living in Latvia as a student when the war in Syria broke out in 2011. Hearing all the news about the atrocities taking place in his home country led him to the conclusion that it was much safer to stay in Latvia.

Sweden Supports the Emergency Response in Iraq

Sweden has sent two military Hercules airplanes with emergency supplies to Erbil as part of UNHCR’s massive 10-day operation to help about 500,000 people caught in Iraq’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

Denmark supports UNHCR with USD 10.3 million to refugee emergencies

UNHCR is grateful for Denmark’s continued strong support to refugee emergencies. Denmark is the only donor to contribute with an Emergency Fund at the start of each year of USD 8.8 million (DKK 50.5 million), which is solely at UNHCR’s discretion to allocate where the need is the greatest.

Finland strengthens its support to UNHCR

UNHCR thanks Finland for its significant support to UNHCR. Finland recently donated USD 12.4 million to the Syria crisis and for UNHCR operations in Africa and Asia, adding to the support so far of USD 22.4 million in 2014.