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Swedish unearmarked funds save refugees worldwide

Contributions to UNHCR

Sweden is one of UNHCR’s strongest and most important partners and donors. In 2016, Sweden was UNHCR’s third largest contributor per capita with a total contribution of SEK 1.2 billion (USD 136.8 million), and increased its unearmarked core support with SEK 225 million to a record high SEK 815 million (USD 94.9 million). Sweden is UNHCR´s largest donor of unearmarked contributions with 70 % of the funding being unrestricted. Unrestricted support can be redistributed over and over again throughout the year enabling UNHCR to deliver aid quickly in several ongoing acute emergencies each year. This saves many lives and restores hope to people and families who have been forcibly uprooted from their homes and loved ones.

Sweden has a large focus on operations in Africa, but Sweden also donates to all emergencies, as well as allocating funds to the large protracted displacement situations and the so called ‘forgotten’ displacement crises which are not any longer attracting any mayor donor interest with focus on both refugees and internally displaced persons. In addition to contributing crucial, flexible and predictable donor support, Sweden has a strategic gender focus and continues to earmark thematically to combat and prevent sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). Other funding priorities are solutions by e.g. supporting UNHCR’s ‘Seeds for Solutions’ initiative, innovation and climate change. Sweden has made a commitment to support, finance and identify solutions to the Syria crisis through its Regional Strategy for the Syria Crisis (2016-2020). The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency provides in-kind contributions to UNHCR’s emergency response, such as constructing camps or supplying technical experts on demand.

Sweden’s thematic foci: Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and Seeds for Solutions 

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Sweden’s unearmarked core support to UNHCR saves refugees’ lives

Sweden is one of UNHCR’s most important donors and the largest donor of unearmarked funds which UNHCR can use where the needs are the greatest. Sweden donates its unearmarked support as a core contribution at the beginning of each year and in 2016 Sweden has increased its unearmarked support to a record high SEK 815 million which has saved lives and created durable solutions for many people forced to flee.

Sweden Boosts Funding for UNHCR Appeals

UNHCR received a significant donation of SEK 15.2 million from the Government of Sweden. Swedish support to UNHCR assists in improving conditions in major refugee and displacement crises.

Sweden Supports the Emergency Response in Iraq

Sweden has sent two military Hercules airplanes with emergency supplies to Erbil as part of UNHCR’s massive 10-day operation to help about 500,000 people caught in Iraq’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

Donor Government Counterparts

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is UNHCR’s Government counterpart on matters related to strategic cooperation and funding.

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Joint Op-Ed with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Swedish Minister of Development (Svenska) (English)

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA is a government agency implementing Sweden’s development policy.

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