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Sweden as a Donor

Swedish contributions to UNHCR

Sweden is one of UNHCR’s most important strategic partners and a generous donor. In 2022, Sweden provided USD 145.6 million to UNHCR, making it our fifth biggest government donor and sixth biggest donor per capita. Sweden is UNHCR’s biggest multi-year donor of unearmarked funding, and in 2022, USD 99.3 million of Sweden’s overall funding was unearmarked. 

Facts about Sweden as a donor: 

  • In 2022, Sweden provided important support to UNHCR’s response to the Ukraine situation.
  • In 2022, Sweden also supported UNHCR’s response to the Syria situation, the South Sudan situation and the Myanmar situation.
  • Sweden is an advocate and supporter of refugee education and gender equality. Sweden strongly focuses on special protection and assistance measures to support women and girls affected by crisis.
  • Sweden’s unearmarked and flexible support allows UNCR to respond rapidly to emergencies, as well as continue protecting forcibly displaced people in protracted and forgotten crises.

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