“No Way Back”

“No Way Back” follows three Syrian refugees living in Istanbul and shows their struggles, their joys and their dreams.

Screenshot from the film. ©ETV

The start of the Arab appraisals in March 2011 changed everything for Syrians: instead of reforms and hope it brought along a never-ending devastating war that has caused the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the human history. Approximately 6 million people have fled from Syria, around 6 million are displaced inside Syria.

Turkey has received around 3 million of the displaced and around 500 000 of them have found a home in Istanbul. “No Way Back” tells the story of 3 people who escaped Aleppo.

Meet Marwa, Fuad and Hani, all of who have lived in Istanbul for almost 6 years. “No Way Back” shows what it takes to start a life from the scratch, how to manage mentally and economically, what are the opportunities and dreams.

“No Way Back” was produced by Estonian TV ETV, November 2017.

Producers: Hille Hanso and Ene-Maris Tali

Director: Sander Allikmäe

Editor: Marika Kaasik