Denmark supports Community-Based Protection for Refugees and Vulnerable Lebanese in Lebanon

The Government of Denmark has generously contributed USD 8.8 million to UNHCR Lebanon to support community-based protection during 2019 and 2020. The funding will strengthen Social Development Centres and Community Development Centers across Lebanon.

In July 2019, the Danish Ambassador Merete Juhl and Lebanon’s Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Richard Kouyoumjian visited a Social Development Centre in Aley with the President of Caritas Lebanon Rev. Paul Karam and UNHCR Representative Mireille Girard to recognize the support from Denmark.

Speaking at the event, the UNHCR Representative said: “Denmark is one of UNHCR’s strongest donors and most important partners in protection. Its vital contribution is a strong show of solidarity with refugees and vulnerable Lebanese persons.”

At the centre the group met with women taking literacy and sewing classes and children’s learning groups organized by Caritas. They also visited the on-site primary health care centre and spoke with field workers about the challenges facing vulnerable Lebanese and refugees.

“Lebanon as a host country and the Lebanese people have demonstrated outstanding generosity and hospitality to Syrian refugees for many years now, despite the huge pressure on national services and infrastructure,” the Danish Ambassador said at the event.

She continued: “Denmark, UNHCR, and other partners remain steadfast with Lebanon in sharing the responsibility to protect and assist refugees and in supporting the development of Lebanese institutions and host communities.”

Denmark’s crucial support will provide protection and essential social services to the most vulnerable refugee and Lebanese families by strengthening child protection and sexual and gender based violence prevention activities delivered through Social Development Centres managed by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs.

The support will also help to make safe public places for refugees and Lebanese available in community development centres run by NGOs throughout the country, reinforcing UNHCR’s commitment to strengthen the community’s leading role as a driving force for social support and change. Thanks to Denmark’s support, women, children and people with specific needs, such as persons with disabilities, older persons and single mothers, will participate in skills-building activities such as educational classes and vocational training to empower them and build resilience.

Denmark’s contribution reinforces the strong partnership and cooperation between Denmark and UNHCR and acknowledges the importance of supporting the generous hospitality of Lebanon, the Government and its people, in providing a safe haven for refugees.

Denmark is among UNHCR’s top donors worldwide and a strong donor to Lebanon and the Syria crisis response.

Danish Ambassador and the Lebanese Minister for Social Affairs visited a social development centre in Aley. Denmark’s vital contribution to UNHCR is a strong show of solidarity with refugees & host communities.