Code+Create by Finn Church Aid

A good practice from Finland.

Code+Create is a project, implemented by Finnish Church Aid in Athens, Greece in 2016-2018, targeting vulnerable youth, 15 to 24 years old, in urban areas.

The aim of the project, consisting of a series of courses, was to give valuable and marketable computer skills to refugees and the local community, focusing on areas such as coding, web design and 3D printing.

Code+Create proved to be answering both needs and desires of the community and had the capacity to bring people together while breaking the barriers that deny vulnerable people’s access to new technologies. In addition, the conceptions of people from other cultures in both local and refugee youth improved following the dialogue between refugee and host community. And the youth was also given an opportunity to practice their conversational English and universal computing terminology.

Code+Create has officially been recognized as a good practice at the Global Refugee Forum, which has recognized its contribution towards meeting needs and supporting communities through education, one of the main objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees.