About the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival

We bring to you the much-awaited 2017 UNHCR Refugee Film Festival.

Despite the continued attention of the world on refugees issues, the fact of the matter is that for those of us living in Japan, it is rather difficult to witness the reality of day-to-day lives for refugees.
To this end, this Refugee Film Festival will bring you the gripping stories of what is happening now as we speak to refugees around the world when they are forced to flee their homes.
The unbearable conditions, the pent-up anger, the despair, and within all this – a hope for the future. What film will move you, will stay with you, and will inspire you to stand up with refugees, to walk with them together throughout their journey in search for a life in safety and with dignity? The urge to act, to be in solidarity with refugees – perhaps this Film Festival will offer you the chance to take that first step.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has long been on the front lines where refugees come face-to-face with the suffering that is inevitably experienced by all who are displaced from their homes. As its official partner for raising awareness and funds to support refugees, Japan for UNHCR delivers the generous contributions from the people of Japan to the beneficiaries of UNHCR on a global scale. Please join us and take advantage of this opportunity to learn through viewing – let us take you on a journey into a world with a whole new perspective!

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