Podcast – My Refugee Story

Episode 1 - Abdulazez

In the first episode of My Refugee Story we talk with Abdulazez Dukhan, a Syrian photographer living in Belgium for over five years. He and his family came to Belgium through the EU Relocation Scheme after a tough journey which led him from Syria through Turkey and Greece, and finally to Belgium.

Episode 2 - Mariana

In the second episode of My Refugee Story, we speak with Mariana Cadenas, a Venezuelan journalist and filmmaker based in Brussels. She found safety in Belgium in 2016 and started processing the emotions that come with fleeing your home through art and storytelling.

Episode 3 - Sofiia & Christophe

In the third episode of My Refugee Story, we speak with Sofiia, a Ukrainian journalist who found safety in Belgium, and Christophe, the founder of Euractiv who welcomed Sofiia in his home together with his wife.

Episode 4 - Obada

In the fourth episode of My Refugee Story, we chat with Obada Otabashi, a Syrian entrepreneur and founder of ‘We Exist’.  

Episode 5 - Alphonse

In the fifth episode of My Refugee Story, we sat down with Alphonse Munyaneza, a long-serving UNHCR staff member, a refugee and a champion of refugee inclusion.


Host: Maeve Patterson

Production/editing: Antoinne Le Guennec and Jens De Pauw

Music: Beat Mekanik

Visual design: Angèle Bertrand and Julieta Hisi

Research: Ben Mason

Other support: Maria Vandecandelaere, Emma Franckaert, Hind Sharif, Ruben Fierens and Frederik Bordon