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 CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 18th of JUNE 2021 (23:59 pm CET)

Private Sector Partnerships UNHCR

Private Sector Partnerships is a service in the Division of External Relations. It is responsible for raising income from the private sector. UNHCR has the fastest growing international private sector fundraising program in the world with ambitious targets.

UNHCR private sector income continues to grow at a high rate, and we have now private sector fundraising programs in over 30 countries. UNHCR’s Private Sector Partnerships (PSP), consists of a global network of fundraising offices, operating alongside local UNHCR representations and offices. This global network is supported by HQ functions in Copenhagen and Geneva.

In six of these countries, UNHCR has partnerships with independent charitable organizations (known as: National Partners). National Partners raise funds for UNHCR and awareness of the refugee cause. They use the UNHCR brand for fundraising purposes and engage directly with donors. Currently, UNHCR National Partners operate in Australia (Australia for UNHCR), Germany (UNO Flüchtlingshilfe), Japan (Japan for UNHCR), Spain (Espana con Acnur), Sweden (Sweden for UNHCR), USA (USA for UNHCR), Argentina (Argentina con ACNUR). Switzerland and Lichtenstein (SWI4U) and UK for UNHCR are in transition to be a NP.

The two main sources of generating funds are the (1) individual giving and (2) partnerships. Individual giving programs are systematically raising funds from individual donors, through cash donations or preferable as monthly committed giving donors, while partnership involves acquisition and cultivation of high value partners from corporations, foundations, and philanthropists.

Private Sector Partnerships in Europe

PSP Operates in the following countries in Europe Region: Italy, Greece, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. National Partners work in Spain, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein (SWI4U).PSP Europe is planning market extensions to Austria, Poland, Norway, and Portugal.

On an annual basis, PSP procures a significant amount of specialized fundraising and digital services from suppliers in support of their activities globally. These services are by nature, specific and very technical to the fundraising industry, but also can differ from market to market.

Express of interest

PSP Europe is planning to carry out various fundraising activities in the region and the corresponding services are to be purchase via different solicitations (either formal or non-formal bidding process, depending on the value of the contract). The below list is summarizing the type of fundraising services the countries need to keep up with operational targets and results in 2021 and beyond. Many of them will be provided under long-term agreement. The following countries are to be considered for the service provision:

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. France
  4. Greece
  5. Italy
  6. The Netherlands

The following services will be purchased via different solicitations:

  1. Service
  2. Analytics / analysis
  3. Brand services
  4. Communication services
  5. Consultancy services
  6. Creative services
  7. Digital media buying
  8. Direct marketing/mailing
  9. Donor care
  10. DRTV
  11. Events / venues
  12. F2F acquisition
  13. Lead generation
  14. Legacy marketing
  15. Market research / surveys
  16. Marketing automation
  17. Offline media buying
  18. Payment gateway
  19. PR and media relations
  20. Salesforce related services
  21. Strategy development
  22. Telemarketing
  23. Website services

To identify qualified vendors in the region for various service provisions, PSP is requesting companies to confirm the following:

  • Provision of any of the listed services, i.e. qualified service provider
  • Willingness to participate at upcoming formal and non-formal selection processes (i.e. bidding)

Companies participating in this survey will be added to a central database and will be invited directly for the different bidding processes as per profile confirmed.

Request for clarification

In case of any question and/or further clarification, please contact (Ms.) Erzsebet Gal at [email protected]; please do not send any company profile and other materials to this email address only questions about the process and the above listed services.

Submission of EoI

Please use the attached form (Annex B) to express your interest and please send it along with a brief company`s brochure (i.e. profile, presentation etc.). Please do NOT send any pricing or fees.

Annex B and your company presentation should be submitted by file upload to eTenderBox in the Technical proposal and other supporting documents folder. The eTenderBox can be accessed via the following URL:


To use eTenderBox, registration on the website is required.  A supplier should have only one registered email account in the system. The supplier must use only that eTenderBox account for managing its offers to UNHCR.

In case the password is forgotten that account cannot be used anymore, and new registration is required. The eTenderBox Registration Guide and Use Manual are available at the above URL and provided as annexes to this RFP.

Allowed extension for files to upload are .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .txt, .zip, .ppt, .pptx, .mbp, .rar, .gif, .tif and .tiff. Executable files (.exe, .bat, .cmd, etc.) should not be uploaded. The maximum size limit per file is 10MB.

Uploaded files can be amended by the Supplier while the EoI is open. The selected files for upload are submitted when the ‘Save & Submit’ button is clicked on. Therefore, this button must be clicked before the deadline expires. If done so, the selected files will be submitted and uploaded successfully even if the deadline expires during the file upload. It is the Supplier`s responsibility to ensure that all files of the final offer are submitted by the EoI expiration deadline.

Once the deadline for submission is expired, the documents will be automatically closed after which the uploaded files can be reviewed but options for additional upload and deletion of previously uploaded files are not available anymore. To ensure the safe submission of the full and final offer, it is recommended to have all files uploaded well before the tender deadline.

Annex A – EoI 2021 PSP Europe
Annex B – EoI submission form
Annex C – eTenderBox Supplier User Manual
Annex D – eTenderBox Registration Guide

UNHCR helpt en beschermt wereldwijd zo veel mogelijk kwetsbare mensen op verschillende plaatsen, hiervoor moeten wij wereldwijd goederen en diensten aankopen. Dit varieert van de aankoop van vrachtwagens tot de aankoop van naalden en schroefdraad. UNHCR huurt ook consultants en gespecialiseerde bedrijven en hun personeel in voor projecten.

U kan ook contact met ons opnemen via het Global Service Centre van UNHCR.