LUXEMBURG: de Oekraïne situatie

I just arrived in Luxembourg, what is the procedure to follow?

All persons who fled Ukraine should make their presence known and communicate their contact details to the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs by submitting the following form via email to [email protected]

The form to complete (available in French, English, Ukrainian, Russian): Arrivals in Luxembourg – Ukraine – Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs // The Luxembourg Government (

This information will help the Immigration Directorate to contact you regarding your application for temporary protection. You will be received by appointment only.

Moreover, your arrival in Luxembourg must be reported to the local administration of your place of residence in Luxembourg, at the latest after having obtained your temporary protection status.

For more detailed information on the procedure and the temporary protection status, please visit the following website:

The government has set up an emergency initial reception centre (“primo-accueil d’urgence”) in order to host persons fleeing the war in Ukraine. This emergency reception centre, accessible 24/7, is situated at rue Tony Rollmann in Luxembourg-Kirchberg (near the National Sports and Culture Centre “Coque”). The centre will provide shelter during the first couple of days, as well as food and items of primary necessity, for people wishing to request temporary protection in Luxembourg.

Pets are allowed. After the first few days, you will be directed to other government structures.

How to get to the emergency initial reception centre (available in French, English, Ukrainian, Russian): flyer-location-primo-accueil-urgence-fr-en-ua-ru.pdf (

If you came by car from Ukraine to Luxembourg, you must register your vehicle within 6 months of your arrival. Please refer to the website of the SNCA for more information: Vehicle registered in a country outside the European Union – Vehicles – SNCA – Luxembourg (

For further information, please consult the following website of the Luxembourg authorities: Arrivals in Luxembourg – Ukraine – Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs // The Luxembourg Government (


Who is eligible for temporary protection?

Temporary protection is a status applied at EU level for people who have fled the war in Ukraine. It is available to anyone who was a resident of Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and who arrived in Luxembourg on, after or shortly before 24 February 2022. It applies to Ukrainian nationals and their family members, stateless persons and nationals of third countries other than Ukraine who were granted international protection or equivalent national protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and to stateless persons and nationals of third countries who can prove that they were legally residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 on the basis of a valid residence permit issued in accordance with Ukrainian law, and who are unable to return to their country of origin in safe and durable conditions.

More information on the procedure and introduction of an application for temporary protection can be found on the following website:


For how long is temporary protection granted?

Temporary protection is granted for an initial period of one year and until 4 March 2023. The initial period may be extended automatically for a 6 months period for a maximum duration of one year.


What does the temporary protection status confer on the beneficiaries of temporary protection?

The rights conferred on beneficiaries of temporary protection are valid only in the Member State which granted the temporary protection.

In Luxembourg, a beneficiary of temporary protection is entitled to material assistance from the National Reception Office if they do not have sufficient means of subsistence nor any support from a private individual. The assistance is provided in kind, in cash or in the form of vouchers.

The beneficiary is entitled to stay in a National Reception Office accommodation facility but may also choose to live in private accommodation.

The temporary protection entitles its beneficiary the right to work and access to education in Luxembourg. Beneficiaries of temporary protection can register as job seekers with the National Employment Agency (ADEM) by contacting: [email protected]; (+352) 247-88888

For more details (available in English and French): Work-in-Luxembourg-EN.pdf ( (

Beneficiaries of temporary protection may apply for family reunification with their family members who were granted temporary protection in another Member State as well as with their family members who have not yet entered the territory of a Member State.

Beneficiaries of temporary protection can move freely within the Schengen Area for a period of 90 days within 180 days if they have a valid biometric passport. If a beneficiary of temporary protection in Luxembourg wishes to settle in another Member State of the European Union, they have to regularize their stay in this Member Sate according to the national rules applicable there.

Beneficiaries of temporary protection may renounce this protection at any time in order to return voluntarily to their country of origin. In this case, Luxembourg will take the necessary measures to make this return possible.

Beneficiaries of temporary protection also have the possibility to apply for international protection at any time.


My children are in school age and want to attend school in Luxembourg. What steps do I have to take?

Children who fled Ukraine have the right to access the education system in Luxembourg.

Please contact the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth for further information:

In English: (+352) 247-76570

In Ukrainian: (+352) 247-76976, where intercultural mediators will be able to answer questions.

Before the children can go to school, they have to undertake a health and social check-up organized by the Directorate of Health and the Ligue socio-médicale. For an appointment, the Helpline can be contacted at (+352) 247-65533-3.

For further information, please consult the following websites of the Luxembourg authorities:

(available in English and French): The national education system welcomes Ukrainian pupils – Ministry of Education, Children and Youth // The Luxembourg Government (

Steps to take to get access to school (available in French): Accueil des élèves ukrainiens – étapes (

Map of international schools in Luxembourg (available in French): Accueil des élèves ukrainiens – carte (

International schooling (available in English, French, German and Luxembourgish): International Schooling – Main Topics – Education nationale, Enfance et Jeunesse – Luxembourg (


I need medical assistance – who can I contact?

You can receive treatment at the Maison Médicale even without affiliation to the social security system or national matriculation number.

Address: 23, Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg

In case in emergency, the hospitals that are on duty can provide any care.

In case of a rare disease, the Infoline Maladies Rares Luxembourg can be contacted: [email protected]; +352 2021 2022

The Directorate of Health will automatically give you an appointment for a medical and social check-up after obtaining the temporary protection status.


I am a beneficiary of temporary protection in Luxembourg. Can I return to Ukraine while keeping my status?

As a beneficiary of temporary protection, you have the right to return to Ukraine for a short stay, e.g. for a family visit. However, the temporary protection certificate is not a travel document. Thus, you must be in the possession of the necessary documents for crossing borders.


I have family members in Ukraine or who have crossed borders and are currently staying in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Moldova. I want to bring them to Luxembourg. What should I do?

For assistance or advice, please send an email with all the contact details of your family member and copies of the identity documents to the Consular assistance of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs ([email protected]) or to the Luxembourg Embassy in Prague, co-accredited to Ukraine ([email protected]).

If your family member crossed the Ukrainian border and is in neighboring countries, you can also contact the following Embassies:

Embassy of Luxembourg in Vienna, co-accredited to Hungary and Slovakia:

[email protected]; (+43) 1 478 21 42

Embassy of Luxembourg in Athens, co-accredited to Romania:

[email protected]; (+30) 210 72 56 400

Embassy of Luxembourg in Warsaw:

[email protected]; (+48) 22 507 86 50

For further answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the government’s website: FAQ – Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs // The Luxembourg Government (


If you are a refugee from Ukraine or know anyone who has crossed the border and is seeking help, please check the UNHCR help sites below:

You can also contact the UNHCR Representation in Brussels via email: [email protected]